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Area, Bulk and Height Regulations (PA Planned Apartment Districts)
1. Area, bulk and height regulations relating to multi-family dwellings or group or cluster of dwellings.
A. Height limit bonus by conditional use.
When authorized as a conditional use, a multifamily dwelling or apartment house permitted in this district may be built to a height not to exceed 55 feet in order to preserve more of the site's natural amenities and reduce the visual impact of the buildings by judicious use of the site's topography; provided, however, that the applicant demonstrates compliance with all of the following conditions to the satisfaction of the Board of Supervisors:
(1) The existing topography of the lot on which the building is proposed shall be such that construction of a building, meeting all of the other requirements of this section, would result in less disturbance than a building built to the normal height limit of this district, without benefit of any bonus. In order to achieve this result, the design of the building shall be integrated into the topography of the lot.
(2) The maximum gross floor area for the building(s) shall be no greater than legally permitted without benefit of this conditional use.
(3) The maximum elevation above sea level of a building which could be built on the subject lot without benefit of any bonus ("by right") and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, is higher than the maximum elevation of the building which would be built if this conditional use bonus is granted. The criterion shall be demonstrated with both the "by right" building and the proposed building shown on the sketch plan required below.
(4) Compliance with Subsection A(1), (2) and (3) shall be documented by submission of a sketch plan indicating development in full compliance with the development standards of this district without benefit of this conditional use. Said plan shall be drawn in conformance with § 181-35: Sketch plan contents of the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.
(5) The architectural design of any buildings for which additional height is sought shall be uniform and consistent with other buildings in the same development. The architectural design and building materials used for screening rooftop equipment shall be consistent with the design of and materials used for the principal portion of the building on which it is located.
(6) The setback of the building(s) for which the height bonus is proposed shall be a minimum of 150 feet from any lot line, except that in the case of a lot line abutting a right-of-way of a railroad or public utility power line, the setback shall be not less than 100 feet. The restrictions of this subsection need not be met along any property line(s) shared with another lot(s) which is part of the same master plan development as is the lot(s) on which the subject buildings is located; in this situation, the setback shall be the applicable setback, as normally required in this district.
(7) In formulating a recommendation for a conditional use application pursuant to this section, the Planning Commission shall consider the appropriateness of buildings to the surrounding area, including consideration of the character of surrounding properties and the impact of buildings thereon. The Board of Supervisors shall determine if the applicant has adequately addressed the same issues in making a decision concerning the conditional use based upon testimony presented at the conditional use public hearing(s).
B. Sewer and water.
No application for an apartment building or project shall be considered unless such building or project can and will be served by a public sewer and public water system prior to occupancy.