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Buffer Areas (General Provisions)
A. Buffer area requirements.
In any case where a buffer area is required, such buffer shall comply with the definition contained in § 208-6: Definitions; word usage, the planting requirements in § 181-52E(3) of the Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and the following additional requirements:
(1) A plan shall be submitted for each required buffer area indicating the location, dimension and arrangement of all plantings and other natural or man-made features of the buffer area, screening, fences and walls.
(2) A buffer area shall be used for no purpose other than planting, screening, lawns, berms or trees or appropriate walls or fences, provided that the width of the required buffer area may be reduced to provide for off-street parking in accordance with the provisions of § 208-103A(2)(b). Any wall or fence provided in conjunction with a required buffer area shall be screened or constructed in such a manner that it will not conflict with the character of the abutting district.
(3) Each buffer area shall be located on the lot and within the district in which the use which requires the buffer is located, and it may be included in any required front, side or rear yard area.
(4) In the case of a required buffer area, no more than one entrance and one exit shall be permitted from a lot to each street on which the lot abuts, except that an additional entrance and exit through a buffer area may be permitted when authorized as a special exception.