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Excavations (General Provisions)
A. Restriction on excavation.
(1) No borrow pits shall be created for the purpose of securing fill or for any commercial purpose nor shall any strip mining of earth, soil, loam, clay or sand be conducted. This provision shall not prohibit excavation performed contemporaneously with and required by the construction of foundation or other subsurface works for a building or other structure under actual construction.
(2) Excavation which is necessary for the development of a parcel of land for a permitted use is allowable only if:
(a) The average elevation of the whole parcel is not thereby reduced below the average preexisting elevation of either the whole parcel or the perimeter of the parcel, whichever is less; and
(b) Provision is made by the applicant for restoration of natural groundcover and control of soil erosion.
See Permits and Inspections for more information.