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Paddle Tennis Courts or Other Similar Outdoor Recreation Purposes
1. Accessory uses and accessory buildings.
A. In the RC, R-1/2, R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4 Districts:
(1) Paddle tennis court or other similar elevated or enclosed structures for outdoor recreation purposes, when authorized as a special exception. In its deliberations, the Zoning Hearing Board shall give special consideration to the appropriateness of the proposed use in the proposed location, the provisions of § 208-150: Standards for review of proposed special exception or variance and the following:
(a) Such paddle tennis court or recreation structure shall not be located within 40 feet from any property line.
(b) Outdoor lighting shall be designed and arranged to protect adjoining uses from glare or direct reflection, and screening shall be provided to minimize the effects of such a use on adjoining properties.
(c) A site plan shall be submitted indicating the location of proposed use, existing uses, yard dimensions, screening, landscaping, lighting and other features indicating compliance with the above requirements.