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Heliports and Helistops
A. An application for a landing pad on a roof shall be accompanied by a certification by a registered structural engineer that the loads imposed by the helicopter will be supported by the structure.
B. All fire and safety equipment provided in conjunction with a heliport or helistop shall be subject to the approval of the Township Fire Marshall.
C. In reviewing any application for a heliport or helistop, the Zoning Hearing Board shall be guided by the standards of review included in § 208-150 and, in addition, may impose restrictions on hours of operation, lighting, noise levels and flight altitude over residential areas and such other requirements as may be appropriate and reasonable to protect the health, welfare and safety of Township residents and their property.
D. No permit shall be used for the construction of a heliport or helistop until the land development plan has been approved by the Planning Commission.
E. In addition to the requirements of the Township, any applicant for a heliport or helistop shall comply with the rules and regulations pertaining thereto of the Bureau of Aviation, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration and/or any other public licensing or regulatory agency involved.
F. It shall be unlawful for any person to land, discharge, load or take off in a helicopter any place within the Township other than at a heliport or helistop which has been authorized in accordance with the foregoing provision of this section, except:
(1) In conjunction with a special event such as an athletic contest, a holiday celebration, parade or similar activity, after seven days' advance written notice has been given to the Township Manager and permission obtained to make such landing and takeoff.
(2) When necessary for law enforcement purposes and for emergencies.
(3) In connection with a construction project where a helicopter is to be used to lift equipment in connection with such project.
See § 208-116: Heliports and helistops for more information.