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Home-Based Businesses
A. Home-based businesses shall consist of the following two types:
(1) Low-impact home-based businesses: as defined in § 208-6: Definitions; word usage and as permitted in residential zoning districts.
(a) No low-impact home-based business shall be located within 500 feet of any other low-impact home-based business, measured by the shortest distance between the lot on which the proposed use will be located and the lot or lots which contain the existing use. This requirement shall not be imposed if the applicant establishes to the Zoning Hearing Board either that the proposed use is located in a neighborhood which is not primarily residential in character or that the proposed use will not have a substantial tendency to commercialize the neighborhood.
(2) No-impact home-based businesses: permitted by right in all zoning districts.
(a) The business activity must be compatible with the residential use of the property and surrounding residential uses.
B. General regulations.
(1) A home-based business shall be conducted within a dwelling which is a permitted principal use and the home of the principal practitioner of the home-based business or in an accessory building thereto which is normally associated with a residential use. The home-based business shall be carried on wholly indoors and comply with the parking requirements of § 208-103: Off-street parking and loading requirements.
See § 208-120: Home-based businesses for more information.