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Open Space Areas, Common
Modification of common open space areas.
No modification, removal or release of any restrictions on an area or areas designated as areas for common open space use shall be permitted except upon a finding by the Board of Supervisors, following a public hearing thereon pursuant to public notice called and held in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, that the same is consistent with the efficient development and preservation of the entire tract, does not adversely affect either the enjoyment of land abutting upon or across the street from the tract or the public interest and is not granted solely to confer a special benefit upon any person. At any such hearing, any homeowners' association designated in the development plan which created the open space, any recognized civic or homeowners' association which operates within a reasonable distance from the affected site or any entity formed for the express purpose of acquiring and/or maintaining and/or preserving open space lands in the Township and surrounding environs and any property owners or residents adjoining the property at issue shall be deemed to have standing to participate as parties to the proceedings before the Board of Supervisors.