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Historic Resources Map (Revisions)
A. Revisions.
The Historic Resources Map may be revised from time to time by the Board of Supervisors.
(1) In considering any revision, including additions, deletions, or changes of classification to the Historic Resources Map, the Board shall receive a written recommendation from the Historical Commission stating in detail the reason(s) for any revisions to the Historic Resources Map.
(2) The owner(s) of any property within Tredyffrin Township may propose the inclusion of his or her property on the Historic Resources Map and such property may be included upon recommendation of the Historical Commission and the approval of the Board of Supervisors.
(3) The owner(s) of any property(ies) which are the subject of proposed inclusion on the Historical Resources Map shall be given written notice of the Historical Commission's recommendation to the Board of Supervisors as required for zoning district/map changes in the Zoning Ordinance. Said written notice will specify that the owner(s) must consent to the proposed recommendation within 90 days by sending a written acceptance of the proposed recommendation to the Township Manager or the property will not be added to the Historic Resources Map.
(4) If the owner consents, as a predicate to the inclusion of any property on the Historic Resources Map, the owner(s) of the property shall submit to the Township a declaration on a form prepared by the Township to be recorded in the Office of the Record of Deeds of Chester County against the property providing a record notice of the inclusion of the property on the Historic Resources Map. The declaration shall be signed by all record owners of the property and in recordable form. Without such signed declaration, the property shall not be added to the Historic Resources Map.
See § 208-122.5: Applicability for more information on the Historic Resource Overlay District and the Historic Resources Map.
See Historic Resources Overlay District for more detailed information.