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Billboard Regulations
A. The applicant for conditional use approval for a billboard shall have the burden of proving compliance with all applicable criteria and regulations. Documents and plans necessary to establish compliance shall be submitted to the Township with the conditional use application.
B. Construction and maintenance.
(1) All plans for billboards shall be certified by a licensed engineer registered in Pennsylvania.
(2) All billboards shall be constructed in accordance with industry-wide standards established by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and the Institute of Outdoor Advertising, or their successor organizations. All billboards shall be structurally sound and maintained in good condition and in compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.
(3) The rear face of a single-face billboard shall be painted and maintained with a single neutral color.
(4) Every three years, the owner of the billboard shall have a structural inspection made of the billboard by a licensed engineer registered in Pennsylvania and shall provide to the Township a certificate certifying that the billboard is structurally sound.
(5) All maintenance, cleaning and repair, including repair of torn or worn copy and removal of paint or other material used to deface the sign shall be performed promptly. In the event the Township notifies the owner or lessee of any damage, vandalism, or graffiti on the billboard, the owner or lessee shall repair or correct the problem within 48 hours of such notification. If repairs and corrections are not timely, the Township shall have the right, but not the obligation, to make repairs or corrections and be reimbursed the cost thereof by the owner or lessee.
(6) A billboard shall be properly and adequately secured to prevent unauthorized access.
(7) A bond or other security, in the form and amount satisfactory to the Township, shall be posted with the Township to ensure that the billboard will be properly removed after the termination of use.
C. All billboards shall be identified on the structure with the name, address, and phone number of the owner of such sign.
D. All billboards shall comply with any and all applicable state and/or federal regulations. In the event any other applicable regulation is in conflict with the provisions of this section, the more stringent regulation shall apply.
E. Application/plan requirements.
Plans submitted for billboards shall show the following:
(1) The location of the proposed sign on the lot with the required sign setbacks from the property line and ultimate right-of-way.
(2) The location and species of existing trees.
(3) The distance to the nearest existing billboard.
(4) The distance to the nearest right-of-way, property line, building, structure, nonbillboard, billboard, intersection, interchange, safety rest area, bridge, residential district, or institutional use, sewer rights-of-way, and water, electric or petroleum pipelines.
(5) Site plan containing all of the applicable requirements set forth in the Township Zoning Code, as amended.
(6) Certification under seal by a licensed engineer that the billboard, as proposed, is designed in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, codes, and professional standards.
F. In applying for conditional use, the applicant bears the burden of proof to establish that the proposed billboard will not project more than 0.10 footcandle of light into a street or onto a neighboring property, and create a public health or safety hazard in the manner and location that it is proposed and in the manner by which it is to be operated.
See § 208-131: Billboards for more detailed information.